Privacy Policy and Protection of personal data


Your personal data will be used by the SELLER only with the stated purpose of this site. The information received through the order will be used to send you the confirmation and the order processing (access to your order, confirmation, invoicing, delivery), any regular promotions and newsletters that you have agreed to subscribe to. The seller undertakes not to disclose and sell the databases containing information about your personal data, except the  requests of the competent control bodies.

SELLER data: SC MIDO MAISON PRIVEE SRL, located in Bucuresti, Sector 1, Str. Argentina, Nr. 33, registered in register of Commerce at. J40/12921/2018, CIF 39852377.

SC MIDO MAISON PRIVEE SRL collects the following personal data from its customers for the specified purposes:

1) Data required for billing/delivery, voluntarily provided: the name, the surname, billing/delivery address, telephone number. These data are shared with courier companies: for ex Fan Courier, Romanian Post, etc.

2) The e-mail address required in order for the customers to access their own account created on the site and to modify billing/delivery data;

3) The e-mail address, the name and surname, for marketing purposes, respectively for e-mailing offers and newsletters for visitors that subscribed to the newsletter. This data is shared with third-party sites that are in compliance with Directive 95/46/EC, but also with the marketing agency that manages the campaigns for the site;

4) All personal data included in the  confirmation email/guarantee form/return form (e-mail address, name, surname, billing address/delivery address) are kept for the purpose of communicating with the customer to resolve certain return situations, warranties, etc.

5) In the case when the customer chooses the online payment of the order/contract, it is achieved through the integrated solution, for example: Gecad Epayment SRL (PayU).

All types of cards issued by Romanian and foreign banks under Visa and MasterCard are accepted, as long as that the issuing banks have activated them for online payment.

SC MIDO MAISON PRIVEE SRL does not request or store in any way information about the client’s bank card, being processed directly on the servers of the online payment service provider.

The exception to this provision is when you provide us with the details of your bank account for a refund in case of return of a product, in which case we will collect and process this data.

6) Cookies, shared with: ex Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Facebook Ads. Please read the COOKIES POLICY.

For some purposes stated above, the client must explicitly consent to the processing of personal data, otherwise the purpose cannot be achieved. According to the law 190/ 2018 and the Directive on the protection of personal data 95/46 / EC, the customers of SC MIDO MAISON PRIVEE SRL  benefit from the right to access, data interference, the right not to be subject to an individual automatic decision, the right to portability of data and the right to appeal to the court of law.

At the same time, the right to oppose the processing of personal data concerning him / her and to request their deletion (the right to be forgotten).  For the exercise of these rights, customers may address a written request, dated and signed at the company’s premises of business or by e-mail, at the address SC MIDO MAISON PRIVEE SRL will communicate the adopted measures or the information requested, in compliance with the deadlines provided by the legislation in force. Additionally, the clients’ right to address to justice is recognized. If some of the customer data is inaccurate, please let us know as soon as possible by email at


Security measures for the protection of personal data

1) The existence of a confidentiality clause in the contract of employees empowered to process personal data.

2) The processing of personal data is accomplished by automatic resources, in compliance with the legal requirements and ensuring the security, confidentiality and respect of the rights of the data subjects.

3) Security certificate installed on the server on which your personal data is collected.

4) Sharing the privacy policy on our company website

5) Access to the database on which personal data is stored is only made by company employees SC MIDO MAISON PRIVEE SRL by entering an username and an identification password (passwords do not display clearly in the monitor).

6) Employee accounts that are no longer part of the company are to be deleted.

7) Any access to the database is recorded on an access file.

8) Personal data are not stored more than is necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.